Freelancer, Mom, Virtual Assistant

Mommy Ja’s Journey as a Freelancer and Beyond!

Mom, freelancer, virtual assistant
A picture of me and my daughter while we are out travelling. 🙂

Being a Mom/Freelancer/Virtual Assistant

It was January 1st when I knew that I was going to be a mom with my first born. I surprised my husband and he was so happy. He is a seaman and I gave birth to our daughter without him by my side, sad right? But our long distance relationship was never a hindrance and it only made our love grow stronger each day when we’re not together. 

I took care of our daughter at home while he was working outside the country. And it made me think of ways on how to help him with supporting our needs for our family. It also came to my mind that when the time comes and I would be successful, at least he doesn’t need to go to abroad anymore. Until I saw some ads on Facebook about being a virtual assistant or being a freelancer. This is where it all started.

A picture of me and my family when hubby went home for a 2 weeks vacation.

How did I start with Freelancing?

Recently, when I learned about this Freelancing Course at Filipino Virtual Assistant on Facebook, I enrolled immediately since it was their anniversary and the price for the enrollment was very low compared to its original price. Having knowledge on being an admin assistant and branch manager in my previous jobs was not enough since you’ll be working with your computer and you’ll be home while you are working. 

After the payment, I received an email for the site of the online class and video lessons for the freelancing course. Of course, an assignment is also needed to be passed to your coach so that you can practice and be able to equip the skills being imparted on each lesson. We have 4 live session every Saturday were in our Coach explained to us in detail what  each coaching lesson consists of. If there are things that I don’t understand, I just send an email to my coach and she answers my question. 

At first, the starting point was kind of confusing and overwhelming. But if you push yourself and put your mind and heart into it, you will be able to finish each video lesson and submit the assignments on time  (of course I want the gold certificate so I am aiming to complete them all on time ). 

Each week, we are given 3 video lessons and 3 assignments for each. My strategy was for each day, I watched one lesson and do the assignment after. I really don’t like being piled up with one work to another so I do it one lesson per day and submit it to make it on the deadline. 

The Freelancing Course teaches about the following skills:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Data entry
  • Email management 
  • Calendar management 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Audio and Video Transcription
  • Content Writing 
  • Basic Graphic Design 
  • SEO

There are also other courses offered from FVA if you want. 

Being a mom, I was able to complete the tasks for the freelancing course and take care of my daughter at the same. You just have to manage your time and always think of why you are doing this. As for me, I want to help my husband support our family and be able to see our daughter grow everyday together without being apart. 

Upwork account verified! yay for that 😀

On the first week of my coaching sessions, I was able to find a job as a social media manager and got an invite from a client. My upwork account got approved and verified also. It was such an amazing feeling to have this achievement as a mom who always stays at home and thought that she cannot do anything aside from being at home with her kids. I’m sure every mom out there wants the same for their family too, where you’ll be able to help each other and see each other everyday.

A little inspiration can help you reach for your goal. Just think positively and always look on  the bright side. Being a freelancer and a mom at the same time helped me to always have a positive mindset about life. And that you can overcome obstacles if you just push yourself into it. 

This wouldn’t be possible without me enrolling on Filipino Virtual Assistant  Freelancing Course. You can also become a freelancer at home by inquiring on their page. They will guide you all throughout the course and assist you with your needs on how to become a freelancer and know what skills you’ll be good at. You can also do self study if you want to learn on your own, I also did that because everything you need to know is just one click away on the internet. 

I hope I was able to inspire mom’s out there or even people who want to start working at home. Just be yourself and do your best! If you need help and you are a businessman who is struggling with lots of works, send me a message and I would love to help you work with ease!

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